2UP Twin Motor

The 2up winch adaptor - RW kit is an upgrade kit especially designed to fit the Runva brand of low mount winch. The 2up winch adaptor - RW kit will fit most models of Runva electric low mount winches. Please contact us to confirm a suitable kit for your winch

All 2up winch adaptor kits contain the following parts and are partially assembled as follows;

Lower Shaft - installed

Lower Shaft double row bearing - installed

Lower Pulley and drive Key - installed

Drum Bush (suitable for your application) - installed

Motor Bearings - installed

Lower Double row bearing circlip - installed

Shaft Retaining cirlip - installed

2x upper Motor Pulleys - not installed

High torque drive belt  - not installed

Spreader Bar Bracket (suitable for your application)- not installed

Front Cover and Bolts

All 2up winch adaptor kits require some basic installation to get your adaptor ready to accept your choice of motors (approximately 15 mins) Full instructions are supplied with each kit.


We can also supply additional motors and solenoids making this your one stop shop to get your Runva and 2Up Competition Winch.